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bleach package bleach package
bleach package

Liquid bleach pouch packaged by
our bleach packaging equipment.

Liquid bleach pouch
form/fill/seal equipment.

Need Liquid Bleach Pouch Packaging Equipment?

When consumers cannot afford plastic bottles or large packages, the sachet or pouch, the least expensive package, is the only practical means to deliver liquid bleach.

Conventional packaging equipment cannot be used for packaging liquid bleach due to its highly corrosive effects.

For over 20 years liquid bleach form fill seal machines designed and manufactured by General Packaging Equipment Co. have been used throughout the world for bleach pouch packaging. General developed many special corrosion resistant features necessary for packaging liquid bleach on a vertical form/fill/seal machine. Machines placed in operation in the early 1990s are in daily operation.

General form/fill/seal machines are simple and rugged and are well known for their long term reliable service with a minimum of down time. This, with the special liquid bleach features; make General machines a highly profitable investment for manufacturers of liquid bleach.

Our liquid bleach pouch packaging equipment is in operation packaging bleach in Egypt, Nigeria, Yemen, Hungary and several Latin American countries.

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